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Health Updates

Lately I’ve been asked about my treatment a number of times and realized I never provided another update after my radiation finished. I don’t want to be a broken record or assume everyone cares about every update, and there isn’t much news to report, but I figured I could post a short one for those interested or wondering.

I did radiation treatment every weekday from 10/31/16 to 12/8/16, with Thanksgiving Day off. The only real side effect I experienced was fatigue (along with some hair loss on my head). I got more and more tired as time went on but never got nauseous or anything like that. In January we did an MRI to see what the radiation accomplished. The verdict was that the tumor was stable. It did not really shrink, but it did not grow either.

From there the plan is to do MRIs every 3 months to monitor the tumor. Because of the radiation the MRIs may be harder to read or show different weird artifacts. That means even if an upcoming MRI shows something weird we’ll likely have to do some more scans/test to figure out if we’re looking at an actual change in the tumor or just something due to radiation. My next MRI is next week, April 12th. If anything changes I’ll probably post another update. If you hear nothing, that means nothing exciting occurred.

I’d say right now I feel more normal than I have since my surgery in November 2015. I’m the farthest away from treatment I’ve been, and have more energy than I’ve had. It will be hard to figure out when the cognitive side effects from the radiation show up. Maybe you’ll be able to tell before I do. But for now I am enjoying being able to take walks with Janelle, play more with my kids, have more energy for work, and be more normal. Thanks for your prayers and caring!

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  • Karen Allan Link Reply

    Good to hear you are doing well. I will continue to pray for healing.

  • Aileen Alvarado Link Reply

    Thank you for your update. It is good to hear you’re doing well. We will continue to pray for you. Much love and aloha. ❤🌈🙏

  • Sharon Link Reply

    I don’t see you that fen, but out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind or prayers! Keep up the good fight; You’re loved by many, as is your family!

    • Jackson Link Reply

      Thank you Sharon! Now that you mention it I haven’t seen you in a while! I’m sure I’ll see you around soon!

  • Lynette Link Reply

    Thank s be to God! Love you and your family and will continue praying!!

  • Dwayne Petty Link Reply

    Thanks for the update, Jackson. We’ll keep praying to our Father, who is a master of miracles and healing! I admire your faith and transparency through this process. And I thank God for you.

    • Jackson Link Reply

      Thanks for your constant prayers DP!

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