I’m a husband, dad, pastor, and a lot of other stuff, by the grace of God.

The driving purpose of my life is to help people see the greatness of Jesus and the beauty of the Gospel. I believe to the core of my being that each one of us is messed up more than we would or could admit, and are also more loved by God than we could dare imagine. I want to give my life to proclaiming that message in every possible way. Hopefully this site will be one way to do that.

My great hope is that my wife Janelle and I will be able to show our three daughters what it means to love and be loved by Jesus. It is my great privilege to be a pastor at Resonate Church in Fremont, CA.


I’ve always liked to write, and writing helps me think through things. I hope that through this blog I can contribute in some way to others and engage in more learning and understanding myself. My greatest hope, I think, is that somehow through this blog God will show people how great He is. I see it as a way for me to be a better steward of whatever voice God has given me, to point people to Him, both at Resonate and outside. So that’s why this blog exists.